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While you are doing the most important transaction of your life, you will get to know a number of professionals in our industry. To name a few: Notary, Appraiser, Inspector, Land Surveyor, Mortgage Broker. There are many names I can recommend, if you do not already know someone in these professions.

We should take a few minutes to talk about your dream house, in your favorite area. After a visit in your present home, I will be in a better position to answer all the questions you might have concerning real estate. If you are buying a house, it is also recommended - if only to give me a better idea of your personal needs. If you are selling your house, a visit is essential to establish a market price. I will then present you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Whether you are buying or selling, we need to talk about the actual market conditions.

Getting to know each other a bit is the first step to buying or selling a home, so please don't hesitate to give me a call.