Good question indeed. Two very common ways: a personal recommendation from a friend or a family member, someone you obviously trust. Or a careful search on the internet. And there too, you will need trust.

It is important that your broker understands your needs even before showing you homes. Working together as a team with a professional broker should achieve those objectives you seek - the right home for you.

Allow the broker to do the searching for you. The best buys are not always in the newspaper ads. In fact, most opportunities are available every morning to brokers with access to M.L.S. information.

A responsible broker will be looking for serious problems (structural damage, water infiltration, damaged roof, furnace, etc) that could affect the price of the house, or other damages that may not be visible to the untrained eye. Your broker will make this experience a one-stop-shop: assist you by giving you names of specialists regarding your mortgage, home inspection, notaries, and help you with any other necessary real estate services.